11 de dezembro de 2007

Perception and the Physical World

Heyer, Dieter & Mausfeld, R. (2002). Perception and the Physical World: Psychological and Philosophical Issues in Perception. Wiley

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The focus of this book is on conceptual and philosophical issues of perception including the classic notion of unconscious inferences in perception. The book consists of contributions from a group of internationally renowned researchers who spent a year together as distinguised fellows at the German Centre for Advanced Study.

Each chapter concludes with a lively, informative debate in the form of comments and replies from the contributors of the book.

> Contributors are of prominent international reputation
> Each chapter concludes with comments and replies from the contributors of the book to give informative debate
> The only book available to blend perception and philosophy in this fashion.

Resumo dos tópicos abordados:

Part I From Sensory Codes to Perceptual Congnition

# The Origins of the Sensation/Perception Distinction (M. Atherton)

# Cognition as Code-Breaking (H. Barlow)

# Comparative Overview of Perception of Distal and Proximal Visual Atributes (D. Todotović)

# The Physicalistic Trap in Perception Theory (R. Mausfeld)

Part II Unconscious Inference and Bayesian Approaches

# Perception as Unconscious Inference (G. Hatfield)

# Statistical Decision Theory and Biological Vision (L. Maloney)

# Pattern Inference Theory: A Probabilistic Approach to Vision (D. Kersten and P. Schrater)

# Perception and Evolution (B. Bennett et al)

# The Very Idea of Perception as a Process of Unconscious Probabilistic Inference (M. Kaplan)

Part III Aspects of Picture Perception

# Two Paradigms of Picture Perception (R. Schwartz)

# Ecological Optics and the Creative Eye (J. Koenderink et al)

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