9 de dezembro de 2008

Wayshowing. A Guide to Environmental Signage

# Sugestão de leitura da semana:

Mollerup, Per (2005). Wayshowing. A Guide to Environmental Signage. Lars Müller. ISBN 978-3-03778-055-8

Ler comentário (pdf | em inglês), sobre o livro, feito por Mollerup, P. (2005).

"Riffing on the technical term “wayfinding”, which designers and manufacturers use when talking about the function of signs and signage systems as they are used by the viewer, this book by acclaimed graphic designer and author Per Mollerup looks for a more precise visual language for what sign designers actually do, which is to show the way. Unfortunately, as Mollerup points out, many designers never master the art of Wayshowing themselves. For “wayshowing” relates to “wayfinding” as writing relates to reading and as talking relates to hearing: the purpose of “wayshowing” is to facilitate “wayfinding”. Mollerup examines international sign systems and architectural landmarks in detail with his trademark candour and good humour. His analysis is at once pithy, scholarly, and historical. "

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