3 de março de 2008


>Design Synthesis: CIRP Design Conference 2008

7 a 9 de Abril de 2008 – Enschede, Países Baixos

This conference focuses on all aspects of design synthesis, from theoretical onsets to practical implementations and educational perspective”.

>Design/Management Europe 12 _Design: The Linking Force

16-18 April 2008 – Paris, França

“This year, DMI’s European conference will explore the evolution of design thinking and strategy to the next level. An international roster of forward-thinking experts will provoke, educate, and share. Come to Paris for three days of immersion in cultural exchange, and knowledge-building. Learn to make more holistic and meaningful contributions to the organization”.

>Design Research for Product and Service Innovation Seminar

3 a 4 de Abril 2008 – São Francisco, EUA

“Achieving successful innovation requires a deep understanding of what is meaningful to customers and the marketplace. By approaching research in a way that actually improves creativity rather than hinders it, companies can successfully produce more effective products and brands. This seminar will take a deep look at what makes corporate innovation initiatives succeed or fail, and how design research can be used effectively to foster innovation”.

>Disruptive Thinking: The Art Center Global Dialogues

6 a 7 de Março de 2008 – Barcelona, Espanha

“The Art Center Global Dialogues: Disruptive Thinking is the first in a series of global events to be presented by Art Center in collaboration with preeminent educational institutions in major world cities, as part of its international strategy of engaging in dialogue about the critical issues in society. (…)
Disruptive Thinking will feature conversations with a wide range of radical thinkers and provocateurs from all fields and disciplines - including artists, designers, scientists, executives, architects and entrepreneurs - whose work in their respective fields has had a discernable effect on urban life and other significant global issues through changes in policies and paradigms”.

> PSFK Conference 2008

27 de Março de 2008 – Nova Iorque, EUA

“A day of trends, inspiration and creative ideas with an interview with Eric Ripert (the NYC based chef with three Michelin stars) on how he finds inspiration to continually update his menus and brand; to a review of social media and the creative opportunities that it presents, to an exploration of New York culture; to an insight into how collaborative co-working is fueling a diverse range of businesses including NASA and Etsy.com; to a session to deliberate solutions for the problems faced by three charities that the Art Directors Club sponsors”.

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