21 de abril de 2009

Good | Uma introdução à ética no design gráfico

# Sugestão de leitura da semana:

Roberts, Lucienne (2007). Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design. Ava Publishing. ISBN-13: 9782940373147


"In a world where awareness of ethics is increasing--but actual ethics themselves may be decreasing--where does graphic design fit in? What is the responsibility of the graphic designer? Is it right to use good design to further evil in the world, merely for the sake of being a good designer? Without dictating a moral stance, Good: Ethics and Graphic Design explores the idea of "being good" and uses what-if scenarios to explore the ramifications of different business decisions. Author Lucienne Roberts draws readers into a debate about professional "goodness" versus personal "goodness" and the relationship between ethics and design practice. "

Principais conteúdos:

Making good
Issues raised
Approaching good
Philosophy | Anthony Grayling
The law | Jacqueline Roach
Theology | Richard Holloway
Politics | Delyth Morgan
Glossary of ethical thought | Naomi Goulder | Frederick Willemarck
Human Rights Act, 1998, The Convention Rights
Debating good
Should I be nice to everyone?
Who should I work for?
Is it okay to be happy?
Who has the right to judge?
What is it worth?
Issues raised
Being good
Furniture and product design/exhibition design/installations | Michael Marriott
Are you a good designer? | Paula Scher | Oded Ezer | Divya Chadha
Architecture | Billie Tsien
Are you a good designer? | Will Holder
Editorial design | Simon Esterson
Are you a good designer? $dthomas.mattews | James Victore
Photojournalism | Chris de Bode
Are you a good designer? |Deborah Szebeko
Graphic design/public art | Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Are you a good designer? | Ali Rashidi Luba Lukova | Susanne Dechant
Examples: Doing good; Sustainability Issue Mapping;
Case studies: Ken Garland; Violetta Boxill; Pat Kahn; Dan Eatock


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