28 de junho de 2007

Vision Plus 12

A conferência internacional - Vision Plus 12 - decorrerá entre os dias 5 e 7 de Julho de 2007, em Schwarzenberg, Áustria. Esta será a 12ª edição deste evento promovido pelo International Institute for Information Design (IIID) e será dedicada a reflectir sobre Information Design _ Achieving Measurable Results.

"The theme for vision Plus 12 is "measurement". How can we measure and quantify the impact and results of informational communication? This has become a hot topic both in business and academia. This is a daunting challenge. Vision Plus 12 will explore this controversial question from all sides:

  • How and to what extent can we measure the success of a given work?
  • How do we quantify the role and impact of intangibles like design?
  • What techniques and technologies can be used to get measurable results?
  • How are information designers building the necessary metrics into their projects?

Link: http://www.iiid-visionplus.net/

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